Member Info

Board Meetings

Board meetings will be held via ZOOM video conferencing.

Email invites will be sent to members (homeowners) for participation. Please update the Secretary with your email address, so you receive meeting invites and other information broadcasts.

The following Quarterly Association meetings are set for 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the following months:
1st Quarterly: January
2nd Quarterly: April
3rd Quarterly: July
4th Quarterly: October

A reminder, with agenda and zoom password details, is emailed by the Secretary the week before these meetings. Meeting minutes are usually attached, and available at the HEHA main web page.

As a general practice, at 6 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month between the quarterly meetings, to keep making progress on business discussed during the quarterly meetings and routine tasks. Requests for these meeting date/times and password can be made to the Secretary Directors endeavor to make major Association decision discussions and votes are made in the quarterly meetings. Progress is reported at the following quarterly meeting during the officer, committee or “Old Business” reports.

Paying Dues

The annual HOA assessment is currently $475.00.

Invoices will be sent to each homeowner in January, with assessments being due March 1st.

If dues are not paid in full by March 31st, there will be a $25 late fee added, plus interest will start accruing from March 1st. Should the account be delinquent in April, collection will be turned over to the association’s attorney – adding significant attorney fees to the account.

Once invoices have been turned over to attorney, all subsequent attorney fees will be the responsibility of the homeowner, not the association.

The following payment methods for annual dues are acceptable:

Pay by check
Make check payable to: 
Huntington Estates HOA
PO Box 180398
Tallahassee, Fl., 32318
Please place invoice number(s) on checks and/or lot address

A check can also be delivered in-person to the Treasurer. Please reach out in advance to ensure the Treasurer is able to meet you. For security purposes and accountability, please do not simply leave a cash payment in the Treasurers mailbox, or other location.

Pay by online bank bill pay
Most banks offer free online bill pay, allowing a payment to be sent by entering the name and address of the recipient. If you choose this method, please ensure you use the same information as writing a check above. Your bank will mail a check to us (allowing a few business days), which will be deposited as a normal check.

Pay using Zelle to “” and add the lot address in the memo line. Also, send an email to to alert the Treasurer.

Pay by Credit Card or ACH Payment
Unfortunately there are fees associated with this method of payment. Credit Card fees are approximately 3% of the invoice total, or ACH fees are 1% of the invoice total. In order to pay by Credit Card or ACH (one or the other), please send an email to the treasurer requesting instructions.

Tennis Court Rules and Regulations

~~ Members should contact the Secretary to obtain a key. ~~

1. Use of the Huntington Estates Tennis Court shall be restricted to members in good standing and their guests, as long as the Member is present. 

– Players must be at least 15 years or older unless accompanied by adult

– Member players must have appropriate placard (Lot #) to display when using court.

2. Appropriate attire (shirt and full rubber-soled tennis shoes) are required.

3. No food allowed on court; only water allowed in a closed container (NO glass!) on the tennis court.  Please remove refuse, wastepaper or any litter you may incur by taking it with you when finished.

4. Appropriate language and behavior is required at all times, including not striking or leaning on the net.

5. No smoking allowed on court, nor may you discard cigarette/cigar butts anywhere on tennis court community area property.

6. Tennis court is for tennis or pickle ball! No dogs, bikes, skates, skateboards, basketballs, or misc. games allowed.

7. Please report any inappropriate activity or any defective or damaged equipment as soon as possible to the HEHA Board or Committee Member(s) so steps can be taken to repair or attend to matter.

8. Please be respectful of homeowners in the immediate area by playing after 7:00 a.m. and finishing play by 9:00 p.m.  No loud music or loud language!


Do Not Allow Non-Members to Enter the Tennis Court Premise! If you do not personally know someone from the neighborhood and he/she does not have a key or appropriate placard, do not allow them onto the court! They may contact any member of the Board if they need a key and identification placard, specifically contact the secretary for a placard.  Please note that if a member allows access to a non-member, whether it be for personal use or private monetary gain, the member who violates the rules will lose their rights to the tennis court privileges for a period of not less than one (1) year and a possible monetary fine enforced by the Board.

Useful Links

The following websites and contact information are provided for your convenience and edification. If a link is out of date, or you feel additional links would be helpful, please let us know.

Gardening in the Panhandle – UF/IFAS
Leon County Sheriff’s Office – 850-922-3300
Neighborhood Safety – Crime Watch (NCW) – 850-606-3300
Tallahassee Fire Dept. – Yard Fire (non-emergency) – 850-891-6600
 – Florida Fire Laws
Animal Control – 850-606-5400

WastePro – Residential Bulk & Yard Waste Pickup – 850-606-1899
Tallahassee Utilities – Area-lights / Lamp Posts – 850-891-4968   (power outage/problems)
Filing Homestead Exemption – 850-606-6200

All electrical, water, telephone and cable lines are underground throughout Huntington Estates, please Call Before You Dig to ensure you don’t cut an underground utility.