For homeowners dues, vendor billing, or general correspondence, please mail to: 

P.O. Box 180398
Tallahassee, Fl., 32318

For Estoppel Requests, please email TO: the and CC: the


HEHA Board of Directors:

Email all Board Members:

John Kellerman
President 850-459-9553 and ACC Chair

Clay Whitaker 
Vice President and  Acting Treasurer 352-258-6985

Edson Manners
Resigned July 2021 from Treasurer 850-212-2562

Carlos Amado
Secretary and Maintenance Chair 850-676-1625

Terry Maier
Board Member 850-566 4000 and Nominations Chair

Lois Davis
Board Member (850) 745-4523 and Recreation Chair 

Grant Kimball
Board Member 716-939-8759 and ACC Member


Registered Agent

Jeremy Anderson
Anderson, Givens & Fredericks, P.A. 
1689 Mahan Center Blvd,
Suite B
Tallahassee, FL  32308