2020 Christmas Decorations – A big hit!

Old Bainbridge Entrance Entrance Christmas Decorations
Fred George Road / St. Louis Church Entrance Christmas Decorations

It was wonderful to end the crazy 2020 year with a significant increase in community visitors, driving through the neighborhood to enjoy our Christmas decorations. This was a great opportunity for families to get out of the house together and have a pleasant distraction from the confinements brought about by COVID-19. The Board authorized purchase of Christmas lights for the entrances, and our neighbors not only decorated their homes, but donated banners, colored lights, bows, and even lawn lighted deer. In particular, we thank Jennifer Britt, Barbara Cook, Terry Maier, Deborah Newton, and Candy Strand for their donations and/or assistance in decorating the entrances. We plan to start this year’s decorations before Thanksgiving, when we have more family members visiting the neighborhood. Our decorations are a great way to promote and add value to our neighborhood “brand.”