Agenda 2020 2nd Quarter Board Meeting

The second quarter neighborhood association board meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on April 14 .

Due to the Covid-19 concerns, our usual meeting location at the Fellowship Baptist Church is not available. Therefore, this meeting will be held as a virtual meeting using ZOOM. Everyone should have received an email from Candy Strand on Wednesday, April 8 notifying you of the upcoming virtual Board meeting. If you are interested in participating, and we hope that you will, please respond to Candy’s email (if you did not receive an email, please send a message to Candy requesting to be added) to receive the invitation and instructions to join the virtual meeting. During these difficult and unusual times, our community needs to join together to take care of all of our neighbors, the best we can from 6 feet apart! I’m sure that we can all help each other in some way, so please join the virtual meeting and let us know what you need and/or how you can help.

The proposed agenda for the meeting on April 14th is:

  1. Review and Approve Minutes from January 14th Quarterly Meeting.
  2. Adjustments to Board Following Recent Resignation of JuDee Dawkins.
  3. Committee Updates.
    1. Maintenance Committee (John Kellerman).
    2. Architectural Control Committee (Clay Whitaker).
    3. Treasurer’s Report (Edson Manners).
    4. Secretary’s Report (Lilliana Lindsey).
    5. Recreation Committee/Public Relations Committee (Candy Strand).
    6. Nominations Committee (Sam Marshall).
    7. Audit Committee (Nick Calabro).
  4. Old Business.
    1. Status of delinquent dues payments.
    2. Updates on desired C&R revisions, development of wish list for changes.
    3. Updates on, and continuing ideas for, Association Web Page development.
  5. New Business.
    1. Schedule painting of speed bumps.
    2. Discuss clean-up of entrances and common areas.
  6. Welcome New Neighbors. Andrew & Tabitha Ellis, and Lori Meritt.
  7. Open Discussion for Members. Comments, questions, concerns, future direction for neighborhood.
  8. Topics for Next Meeting?

Next scheduled quarterly Board meeting: Tuesday, July 14 , 7:00 p.m., Location TBD.