The following notice will be sent to all outstanding members by March 15th, 2020.

The Huntington Estates annual Homeowner’s Association assessments (dues) are due on January 1st of each year and become delinquent if not paid by March 1st.  If you have already submitted your payment, please disregard the remainder of this letter.  The Board and your neighbors thank you very much!  If you have not yet submitted your payment, please continue reading.

You are receiving this final reminder because you have an outstanding balance on the annual dues that are owed to the Association and your neighbors.  The annual dues are collected by the volunteer Board of Directors from all homeowners to help equally pay for the cost of lighting the streets, maintaining liability insurance for the common areas (including roads), common area maintenance and lawn care, and most especially for the cost of maintaining our collectively-owned private roads.  By acknowledging the HOA deed restrictions with your signature when you purchased your home, you agreed to the payment of the necessary annual assessments.  Your neighbors have demanded that the Board ensure that all members of the association pay their fair share to continue enjoying our common areas and driving on our well-lit private roads.  Remember, when you drive through the neighborhood to reach your home, you are actually driving across the private property of each of your neighbors who have granted an access easement to the rest of the neighborhood. We all own and share these roads equallyand we all bear the burden of sharing the cost to maintain them (and our collective property values).

This is the Final Reminder Notice that you will be receiving from the Board. You have until March 31, 2020, to satisfy your entire outstanding balance without incurring additional legal fees. 

All outstanding balances as of April 1st (April 10th for the supplemental $75 assessment this year) will be turned over to the law firm of Anderson-Givens for collection no later than April 15th.  The first letter you will receive from them will be a Notice of Intent to File a Lien against your property.  If the total amount billed is not satisfied within the time-frame specified in that letter, they will file a lien against your property. The next letter you will receive from them will be a Notice of Intent to Foreclose on your property (sadly, this means that you could lose your home for failure to satisfy your written deed agreement to your neighbors!).  In addition to the accrual of interest mandated by our governing documents for paying late, once you start receiving letters from the attorney, you will also be subject to all of the legal and administrative fees that they are authorized by law to charge in order to collect and clear your debt.  Be aware that the cost of collection of these outstanding balances will not be a burden upon the Association.  Once turned over to the law firm for collection, their entire payment for this service comes from what they collect from you (which is in addition to what you owe the neighborhood).  We believe it is clearly in your best interest to satisfy your debt with the association before your account is turned over to the attorneys for collection through the legal system.  

Please refer to the enclosed invoice to see your total outstanding balance.  This is the full amount needed to be paid in full by March 31, 2020 (April 10 for the supplemental $75), to clear your account and return you to a status of “good standing”.

If you wish to make an electronic payment using your bank or credit card, please contact Clay Whitaker or Edson Manners to arrange payment of your outstanding dues.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Board Officers listed below.  


Huntington Estates Homeowners Association Board of Directors

Jon Holtom – President (850) 556-6516​

Clay Whitaker – Vice President (352) 258-6985

Edson Manners – Treasurer (850) 212-2562​

Liliana Lindsey – Secretary (850) 491-3510